Monday, May 4, 2009

Flower Soft

Eve, this card is done with watercoloring and the addition of a product called Flower Soft over the flowers. Very simple, you can do it. Only need a white glue and the Flower Soft to sprinkle over the areas where you want to have "flowers". I purchased mine online through a store called 7 Kids College Fund. On these cards I have added some glitter just to give the flowers a little "pizz-zazz"! I'm just starting to use this product and my head is swirling with ideas ....stay tuned :)

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Jennie said...

Linda, I love this card..what stamp is that? I have some stamped images of this that someone gave me from SCS. A beautiful image and what you did with it is gorgeous! I have seen Flower Soft on other blogs but never tried it is easy? Do you recommend any shades as better than others. Beautiful card!


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