Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paper Piecing

Thank you Sara for your email. These two cards are done using the "paper piecing" technique. Just a fancy name for cutting out a particular area of the stamped image and placing it over the original stamp. I add glue dots (or any other dimensional dots, adhesives, etc) when I want to raise the cutout piece to give it a dimensional effect. You are so right, for some reason that coffee cup really stands out! This is a simple technique although it can be very time consuming if you are piecing an intricate part of your stamp. Have fun with it! Send me some pictures of what you ended up doing.


harley davidson parts said...

Wow ! I am really impressed by your paper piecing technique. It is such an unique technique. I really like your art. These two cards looks so nice.

License Appeals said...

It is true that paper piecing is a time consuming process. I like to learn that paper piecing technique. It is such a nice cards for paper piecing.


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