Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, I've changed the layout and purpose of this blog. Originally I only intended this blog to be a way to answer those who email with questions (from my Ebay store 2paynehollercrafts) on how a specific card was made. However, I have recently fallen "in love" for a particular line of stamps (you will see most of my cards made with them very soon) and would like to pursue possibly designing for them. With that as my goal, I have changed my blog, added a visitor counter, and will be adding other details in the future! They are just adorable stamps. I don't do all the embellishments that most of the other designers use on their cards with these stamps, but the owner liked my "cleaner and simpler" approach. I am going to give this a try over the next year and see what happens. There are so many wonderful blogs that I just don't have the time to even begin to try and compete with them - will just post my little creations and see what happens.
what's the saying ..."a turtle never gets anywhere unless he sticks his neck out"...well, I'm a baby turtle in this "blog world" lol
Have a blessed day,


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Jennie said...

Linda, you are your own artist! Too often cardmakers are trying to mimic others and lose who they are as a paper crafter! From the cards I have just seen today (actually late tonight, or early morning) do beautiful work that is very appealing! Too often paper crafters are adding embellishment upon embellishment and you lose the focus of the card which is the IMAGE and sentiment! Stick your neck out in this blog bring a lot to this craft! Hugs *~*


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