Monday, May 4, 2009


Eve, sorry I didn't see your other question. You asked if I would be doing more of this little girl and the answer is a definite YES! She is from the Magnolia stamp collection and her name is "Tilda". She takes some time so it will be a few weeks before more cards are done and posted. I like using the cut-out method (aka paper piecing) and enjoy watercoloring her. You asked for more embellishments but quite frankly, that's not my style. There are so many beautiful cards available with sewing, buttons, ribbon, etc but honestly - I prefer the emphasis to be on the stamp and the sentiment ...I use embellishments to try to make the card interesting and eye-catching but not overwhelming. Of course, "over whelming" is up to the individual. Thank you for your interest, sincerely appreciate it. Your input is always welcome !!

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