Monday, September 29, 2014

A Getting to Know You Blog Hop

WOW, I've been gone a few months and forgot all the "little" details in blogging the codes and how to post using auto publish...which I totally messed up! This was supposed to have gone live at 8 am today and here I am checking my blog at 10pm only to see nothing trying this again...

A few weeks a dear friend of mine emailed to ask if I would like to participate in this hop...well it was perfect timing since I was trying to get it together to get back into blogging again. So many thanks to my dear friend Olga Jewell and I hope you get the chance to pop over and visit her awesome blog. She is super uber talented and is THE master with Heartfelt Creations!

Now the questions for the hop:

What am I working on?

I do work fulltime with a very long commute so crafting is done in brief spurts. I used to craft way into the night but guess I'm getting too old for I just dont want to get out of the bed if I pull an all-nighter of crafting. Currently I'm working on a mixed media canvas that is giving me a fit! Wish I had more talent in painting!!!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

OK. I had to look up "genre" LOL...i don't do a lot of embellishments usually so I think everyone else's cards are amazing..and I dont do CAS very well....I love to color! that's my thing!

Why do I create what I do?

Well, it used to be I created whatever the theme or requirements were for the Design Teams that I was blessed to have been a member. Now I create things that I hope will be a blessing, encouragement or just bring a smile to someone....

How does my creative process work?

hmmmm, so many things can set me off wanting to dabble in them...unfortunately this also kicks in my obsessive-compulsive nature to have everything that particular craft requires...ex: try a Pan Pastel - loved them so must have them all ! love Copics...took me 2 years but I now have them ALL (and most with a refill)... so in recent years I've tried (failed) to reel it in some...right now its colors and flowers - in mixed media. Love it plus I'm using up some of the mountain of scraps that bury me in my craft room!

Do I have a favorite tool that I cant live without?

Absolutely! ALL of them! for real - depends on the mood LOL am I into punches that day or layering or ribbon or fancy background... so pull out the 50+ spellbinders (told ya OCPersonality) or watercoloring or stamping or or get the idea! Must have it all or nothing!

So I hope I havent scared you off!!

Now I am offering up the following friends to join in this hop so we can learn more about them, should they so choose:

Jennie Harper
Patti Painter
Mary Anne Keleman
Theresa Pollack
Geri Utterback
Brenda Turner
Carla Suto
Caroline Duncan
Jennifer Scull

Hugs to all and thanks again Olga for helping me ease back into blogland


Olga said...

Fantastic read!!! I didn't know you had to Have It All, LOL....
now go create and post LOL

Penny said...

Fun read, Linda! Thank you! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Shelly Schmidt said...

Hahaha enables and enabled too huh? I know whatever medium you are using you do some gorgeous coloring! I would love to see your canvas'!!!

Melanie said...

Mentioned you in the video, and people of course asked for you link! Visitors incoming! Hugs!


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