Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunshine Award

I am so blessed! Have received this beautiful blog award from these ladies that are truly inspirational...their creativity always blows me away. My sincere thanks go to :

Mary Anne

so now it's my turn to pass it on to 6 bloggers that always bring sunshine to my life! Some of my "sunshine" friends have already received this award, so since can only pick 6 - tried to not duplicate ... so here are some sunshine friends that I dont think have received it and truly bless me with their support and encouragement...just picking 6 of you is tough! but sending this award this time to:


Here are the "rules" girls - but rules or not - enjoy your blog award - you are some of the sunshine in my life and you all make me smile!!
•Pass it on to 6 bloggers
•Put a link to your nominees within your post
•Let your nominees know that you are passing this award along to them by leaving a comment on their blog
•Link to the blog of the person who nominated your for this award

Have a blessed day!

1 comment:

Micki Switzer said...

Linda, I'm blushing...First for the award, I really thank you for thinking of me. And second for the lovely comment you made about my mini. You should see the one that's coming to me, it puts mine to shame. I watch a lot of you tube videos on how to make minis. There are so many out there and some of them are just unbelievable. One of my favorite "mini" artists is a lady called Laura Denison and her you tube name is followthepapertrail. You should watch some of her tutorials....Again thank you for the compliments...{{{HUGS}}}....Micki


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