Wednesday, February 12, 2014

snow ! Snow! Snow!

Well, it's looking like it's finally our turn for a big snow!
Hoping our power stays on ...our propane was filled sometime today so at least we'll have the fireplaces...if our power goes out then we lose our landline which means no internet, bummer!

Sure hope it misses little Prius doesn't do well in snow )-:
Stay safe n warm....if anyone around us loses power (which means we did too)....just c'mon over! At least we have heat...and finally a generator enough to use stove and make a pot of soup!! And coffee!!


Linda Palmer said...

Hope it misses you to. Looks like the area is being bombarded. Stay safe.

Olga said...

we got around 16 far we still have power, praying everyone keeps it!! Stay safe and warm.....

Barbara said...

Keeping all fingers crossed for no power outages! Good luck!!


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