Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Friend Blogger Award

received this wonderful award from sweet sweet Olga - Thanks my friend! She creates some of the most gorgeous cards and the Heartfelt Creation products just come alive in her hands - if any of you dont already know Olga (and that's hard to believe bec she is everywhere LOL) pop over and visit her amazing blog
So now I get to pass this award on to my BFF bloggin buddies....and as Olga said..in no particular order:
Mary Anne
Patti P
Patti  - the other Patti (-:
Vicki D
Theresa P
all the Designing Diva's (-:

thank goodness we dont have to link - I'm stopping because am really blessed to have so many that take the time to comment...so please feel free to take this award and pass on to your fav blogging buddies ...it's so pretty!

thanks again Olga (-:



Olga said...

you just so so welcome, and again Congrats winning the tag challenge!!!

Patti P. said...

Hey there...thanks for putting me in your list, I am so blessed to call you friend. I just posted this from Kathy and Olga and like you am so glad to have so many good friends that are there for us. Congrats, so glad your tag won this week at Joan's.

The Other Patti Sue said...

Thanks so much Linda... I too got this from Olga and listed you as one of my friends! What a blessing you are!

Vicki Dutcher said...

How nice of Olga to send this to you -- and how nice of you to send it to me! Thanks GF - It's appreciated!!

Laura said...

that is because YOU ROCK my friend!! so does that creative lady that sent it to you! Thanks for playing the "Bunny Hop" game! Your entry has been verified, good luck and hope you win big!

Brenda said...

Thank you Linda!! :)


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