Wednesday, March 4, 2009


glad you liked this card - it's very simple. Just use waterbased markers (I used Stampin Up markers) and the colors of your choice. Color with your marker directly on the stamp - use your light colors first. Then apply the darker colors where you want them. Before you stamp the image, you must "huff" on the stamp before you stamp it onto paper. "Huffing" is your breath on the stamp, almost actually saying "huff". This is needed to re-wet the ink because markers can dry when you are coloring the different areas on the stamp. STAMP :) You can immediately stamp a second time for a lighter stamp in the background. Enjoy! don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Really gives a beautiful watercolor effect.

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Jennie said...

Beautiful! you are a true stamping teacher! You explain it perfectly!


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